UK airports may abandon hand baggage restrictions for liquids by 2024


Thanks to cutting-edge 3D scanners, security limitations on liquids and laptops in hand luggage at airports may be lifted in the UK within two years.

Sources claim that the government is looking into implementing more sophisticated scanners by the middle of 2024, although no final decision has been taken.

A crisper image of a bags contents is provided by the apparatus, which is similar to CT scanners used in hospitals. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, an earlier installation date was pushed back. However, now to reduce lines at UK airports, ministers have been conducting a review and a decision is expected before Christmas.

Interestingly, as of present, travelers are only permitted to bring 100ml or less of liquid in clear, resealable plastic bags that are 20cm by 20cm in size. These bags must be displayed to security personnel.

It is worth mentioning that these restrictions have existed since November 2006. Three months prior, British authorities claimed to have thwarted a scheme to blow up as many as ten planes using explosives concealed in beverage bottles. As a result, the rule on liquids in the cabin was lifted.

However, workers may now rotate the photographs for inspection and zoom in on a bags contents thanks to modern technology.

Beginning in 2017, the 3D scanners were put through their paces at London Heathrow Airport. The development of Terminal 3s security area, which will include more CT scanners and have a target of mid-2024 from the Department for Transport, has just begun. By then, passengers will typically experience liquids remaining in their luggage.

Notably, US airports have been using the technology for a while, including Chicagos OHare and Atlantas Hartsfield-Jackson.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave UK airports until the end of 2022 to implement his commitment to employing scanning technology to expedite pre-boarding inspections and enhance security.

According to the International Air Transport Associations most recent statistics for September, passenger traffic volumes had only risen by 73% from pre-Covid figures.

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