Tata Steel BSL installs first UV oxidation plant to treat wastewater


Tata Steel BSL, the largest manufacturer of auto-grade steel in India, has successfully installed the industry's first ultraviolet oxidation unit at its facility in Dhenkanal district, Odisha to treat cyanide in coke oven wastewater.

In a press release, the company stated that the plant was developed with the assistance of Tata Steel’s R&D (research and development) team. It explained that the traditional method of treating coke oven wastewater, dubbed solid sludge separation technology, can lead to cyanide toxicity via secondary toxic sludge breakdown.

However, using UV oxidation technique would resolve this issue at the Narendrapur plant, which can treat 80 cubic meters of wastewater per hour.

Subodh Pandey, Chief Operating Officer of Tata Steel BSL, commented about the new initiative that one of the most preferred ways to deal with cyanide is to oxidize it completely. The UV Oxidation facility aids them in this endeavor, leaving no trace of further pollution in the environment.

This program is one of a series of long-term initiatives undertaken by the organization following the company's takeover.

Before commissioning the facility, Tata Steel collaborated with vendors and its R&D team to customize the essential equipment, such as different UV reactors and UV control panels. Additionally, Tata Steel BSL established various new interventions to ensure no untreated water is discharged from the facility, with sustainability at the forefront of its operational process.

The company has developed six ETPs (Effluent Treatment Plants) and three GCPs (Gas Cleaning Plants) for wastewater management from various units such as a cold rolling mill, a blast furnace, two coke ovens, and a steel melting shop, among others.

Furthermore, it has established five STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants) having overall treatment capacity of 4900 cubic meters of water/day in the plant as well as its housing colony.

Source Credit - https://www.business-standard.com/article/companies/tata-steel-bsl-sets-up-uv-oxidation-plant-to-treat-cyanide-in-wastewater-121080800188_1.html