YouTube deletes around 9,000 channels associated with the Ukraine war


Online video sharing and social media platform, YouTube has reportedly removed around 9,000 channels and more than 70,000 videos with content referring to the war in Ukraine for violating the content guidelines.

The firm has also imposed a worldwide ban on channels linked with Russian media organizations like Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik.

For those unaware, YouTube is one of Russia's most well-recognized video streaming websites, with around 9 million users.

The social media platform has continued its services in the region where no other IT firms and platforms stopped their services after the invasion of Ukraine.

As per credible sources, the platform has been deleting the pro-Kremlin content on their site precisely for violating their content policy.

YouTube's Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan said that the firm has a key violent events policy, which applies to things like the repudiation of a major violent event. And without any doubt, what is happening in Ukraine is a severe violent event. So, the firm is using that policy to take unprecedented action.

Recently, in an interview, Mr. Mohan said that the content based on the Ukraine-Russia conflict has recorded over 40 million views in Ukraine.

While commenting on YouTube's crackdown on such content, he said that the foremost and probably most vicious responsibility is to ensure that people looking at such content must get the right, credible, and high-quality information on YouTube.

Viewership on authoritative channels has grown substantially in Ukraine and in countries neighboring Ukraine, Poland, and Russia itself.

He further talked about how popular YouTube is in Russia, being one of the major video-sharing sites, functioning as a platform where citizens of Russia can get uncensored information about the war, including from many of the same authoritative channels that everyone has access to outside the country.

YouTube remains an imperative platform for citizens of Russia as the crisis constantly evolves.

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