Wipro partners with Transcell Oncologics to improve vaccine safety test


Indian multinational cooperation- Wipro has announced a partnership with Transcell Oncologics in a bid to enhance vaccine safety assessment with the help of augmented intelligence. The alliance integrates Transcell’s advanced stem cell technology through novel augmented intelligence technology of Wipro HOLMES to strengthen the safety of global vaccine immunization programs.

Through the application of augmented intelligence to the ongoing vaccine development process, the technology can help predict extreme neurovirulent impacts caused due to vaccinations.  At present, vaccine safety assessment comprises of running tests on animals in order to analyze potential adverse impacts. By using Wipro HOLMES, biopharmaceutical firms and researchers will gain access to a new and fully viable solution.

In line with the above, the novel technology can be combined with any present workflow, that comprises quality control assessments during the production of the vaccine, batch-wise release coupled with many other safety evaluation tests.

The alliance will help expand the Wipro HOLMES technology available to life sciences entities for messenger ribonucleic acid led platform for biodefense. It allows the testing of new vaccines through the application of augmented intelligence to stem cell research along with measuring potency and safety.  

Apparently, the latest partnership marks the first step that will help determine the efficacy, and reliability of a wide-range of products from prescription medicines, cosmetics, to vaccinations, among others.

According to Harmeet Chauhan, Global Head of Engineering and R&D at Wipro, the novel technology by the company allows life sciences entities and vaccine producers to build, support trial and release safe and highly effective vaccines for people across the globe.  

Elaborating further on the benefit of the technology on vaccine development, providing new and advanced data from the use of stem cells helps transform the vaccine safety assessment which will lead to new and better medical treatments along with accelerated vaccine innovation and availability.

Source Credit: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/information-tech/wipro-partners-with-transcell-oncologics-to-transform-vaccine-safety-assessment/articleshow/82408000.cms