Unisantis launches Dynamic Flash Memory technology for next-gen systems


Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd. has reportedly introduced the firm’s latest development in Dynamic Flash Memory (DFM) technology, an advanced alternative to DRAM to offer high-density low-cost embedded systems or standalone memory use. Notably, DFM® is capable of providing accelerated speed and superior density as compared to DRAM and other types of volatile memory.

For the record, DRAM is a capacitor-based, volatile, destructive-read type of memory and the challenge it faces is to pack it in more storage for less cost, without increasing the use of power. DFM on the other hand takes an advanced approach to overcome the limitation of traditional volatile memory like DRAM, along with its inherent short, power-hungry refresh cycles, along with destructive read processes.

Citing sources, DFM is a form of volatile memory that does not depend on capacitors and hence has fewer leak paths. It also has no connection between transistors and a capacitor. The result is a cell design that carries the potential for a considerable increase in transistor density and offers block refresh and functions as a Flash memory that offers block erase.

Seemingly, DFM reduces the frequency and overhead of refresh cycles making it capable of delivering speed improvements and power as compared to DRAM.

By using the TCAD simulation technology, Unisantis has proven that DFM carries the ability to increase the density by four times when compared to DRAM.

According to reports by IEEE ISSCC, the scaling of DRAM has stopped at 16Gb. Modelling DFM at 4F2 cell density demonstrates how saturated DFM is. The design and development of DFM indicate remarkable Gb/mm2 improvements, and the present limit on DRAM could register an increase to 64Gb memory with the help of improved cell structure of DFM.   

After the launch of the novel technology, Unisantis Electronics is aiming at steering its technical development, and alongside, testing, and showcasing the features and fuller potential of DFM externally with a series of foundry and memory partnerships.  

Source Credit: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210523005005/en/Unisantis-Unveils-Dynamic-Flash-Memory-as-DRAM-Alternative