Twitter’s new paid feature ‘Twitter Blue’ enters the U.S. market


The much-awaited launch of Twitter Blue, a monthly-based subscription service, has finally arrived in the U.S.

After a longstanding struggle which lasted nearly a year for introducing the new feature, Americans will now be able to use the service that allows them to undo tweets.

For those unaware, Twitter Blue is a $2.99 premium service which will be made available on the social media platform with additional customization features. It will provide users with an alternative to undo tweets coupled with a mode enhancing the ease of reading long threads of tweets.

Additionally, Twitter Blue subscribers will have access to ad-free news articles as they visit select news sites such as The Washington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, USA TODAY, Rolling Stone, and The Atlantic.

The feature is a steppingstone for achieving the end goal which is committing to develop new features catering to the needs of power users, stated Sara Beykpour, senior director of the product management at Twitter.

Twitter has been actively testing the premium service in Australia and Canada since June which is followed by the launch of Blue in New Zealand for $4.49, and now in the U.S., Blue has been reportedly pursuing new levels of revenue.

Twitter has however not disclosed the exact number of subscribers.

Twitter has also launched a vast profile of features throughout last year introducing Spaces, Tips, and Fleets. Tips is a feature that enables users to conduct transaction to the desired accounts.

Fleet on the other hand, is a service wherein users can share video files, texts and images which disappear in 24 hours, much like Snapchat. Spaces meanwhile is a mode that unlocks live audio conversations.

Twitter is focusing on enhancing personalization, improvements in facilitating conversation, delivering updated and relevant news and ultimately discover new means of earning for people on the platform, said CEO Jack Dorsey.

While Twitter continues tapping onto alternative revenue streams, subscriptions stand to remain the most promising source, claim sources.

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