Twitter is back up after an outage that affected thousands worldwide


According to sources, millions of users across the globe were unable to access or utilize the essential functionalities of Twitter Inc. on Wednesday i.e., 28th December, due to significant disruption.

At the height of the outage, roughly 2,500 users from Japan, about 2,500 users from the UK & more than 10,000 people from the United States were affected.

However, reports of Twitter disruptions dropped dramatically by Wednesday night. No official source reverted to any request for comment, hence the cause of this stoppage remains unknown. Meanwhile, the status page of the social network indicates that all systems are up and running.

It is worth mentioning that some users were unable to access their Twitter accounts on desktop computers or laptops during the shutdown. The problem also had an impact on the mobile app's functionality, such as notifications.

Others turned to Twitter to share news and jokes about the downtime, and the hashtag #TwitterDown became popular on the social networking platform.

Some desktop efforts to log in to Twitter resulted in the following error message: "Don't worry; something went wrong, and it wasn't your fault. Retrying now."

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, tweeted that he could still access the service after a user questioned Musk if Twitter was broken.

Notably, the breakdown occurs two months after Musk's chaotic and contentious USD 44 billion acquisition of Twitter. According to people with knowledge of the matter, hundreds of Twitter employees left the social media business in November, including engineers in charge of bug fixes and service availability.

This year, outages have also affected other IT companies. An almost 19-hour service interruption at Rogers Telecommunications, Canada's largest telecom provider, in July prevented millions of people from accessing banking, government services, and transportation activities.

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