Toshiba, ZapBatt to jointly create new battery option for micro-mobility


ZapBatt, an appliances, electrical, and electronics manufacturing firm, has recently collaborated with Japanese multinational conglomerate Toshiba to merge its proprietary Artificial intelligence (AI) software technology and advanced battery hardware with Toshiba's LTO (lithium titanium oxide) battery cells to build a new battery alternative for the micro-mobility landscape.

The new solution is expected to enable lithium titanium oxide to be a more efficient, faster, and cost-effective battery system while supporting real-time battery optimization and management.

Greg Mack, Vice President & General Manager - Power Electronics Division at Toshiba, said that ZapBatt unlocked the prospect for Toshiba's LTO chemistry for several industries and new markets with advanced technology, moving away from the trap of miracle battery and delivering a real solution hitting the market today.

With the hardware and software of ZapBatt and the LTO chemistry, there is no other solution available in the market, which is as fast, cost-effective, and safe, claims Mr. Mark.

According to sources, Toshiba found ZapBatt ideal as it will help the firm solve three main challenges of using LTO chemistry in batteries: Voltage, Chips, and Energy Density.

Charlie Welch, CEO and Co-founder of ZapBatt, says that for reducing the global carbon footprint and electrification, better battery solutions are needed right now, not in ten years. To address this problem, the firm has been working with Toshiba to validate LTO to come alive, rapidly bridge new markets, and offer maximum environmental and economic benefits.

Unlike other chemistries, lithium oxide is highly efficient in several conditions, not just on a lab bench.

The LTO cells are perfect for micro-mobility applications owing to their high-performing characteristics in several categories. The SCiB cells are designated for fast charging and high-power environments with a slight decrease in function even after thousands of uses and charges.

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