Sunnova collaborates with AutoGrid to revamp California's power grid


Sunnova Energy International Inc., a residential solar and energy company based in the United States, has collaborated with AutoGrid to deliver demand response resources to Clean Power Alliance's (CPA) Power Response Program.

Sunnova and AutoGrid will collaborate to develop and expand a comprehensive distributed energy resources program, a significant component of CPA's premeditated Clean Energy plan.

Michael Grasso, EVP, Chief Marketing and Growth Officer at Sunnova, said owing to the state's current wildfires and rising grid outages, homeowners belonging to the 21st century are increasingly demanding consistent and reasonable energy for the requirements of their families.

By contributing much-needed behind-the-meter capacity while using AutoGrid's Flex platform, Sunnova's customers will be able to actively contribute to making their local grid more stable and efficient by supplying it with clean, robust, and dispersed resources.

CPA is one of the prime community choice aggregators in California, which currently holds one million accounts that signifies approximately three million individuals across Southern California.

With this collaboration, Sunnova and AutoGrid agree to look forward to developing innovative methods which can aid CPA to modify their energy landscape, thereby assisting California's drive to increase additional grid income in the face of persistent electricity demand issues.

Notably, Sunnova has one of the biggest fleets of home solar energy systems in the United States, with more than 944 megawatts of generation capacity and more than 162,000 clients among 30 states and territories.

Meanwhile, Autogrid is a pioneer in providing energy flexibility management solutions worldwide with around 5,000 megawatts of assets under contract and expertise in handling dispersed energy resources in 12 countries.

Sunnova will leverage AutoGrid's Flex platform to deliver scalable Virtual Power Plant services with its rapidly expanding home storage installations in Southern California as part of this collaboration.

It will use AutoGrid's cloud-based technology to improve the process with installers, homes, grid operators, and utilities to optimize and deploy its storage fleet for more significant value to both consumers and the grid.

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