Sonalika invests $27Mn to develop a new manufacturing plant in HP


Sonalika Group, a leading Indian tractor manufacturer, has invested around $27 million (INR 200 crore) for building a new high-tech plant at Amb, Himachal Pradesh for producing it advanced Combine harvesters.

As per sources, the new plant will be spread across 29 acres and use a multi-stage Cathode Electric Deposition (CED) coating technique usually only seen at car manufacturing plants.

According to Sonalika, the CED paint technique, which was established with an investment of around $2.4 million (Rs 18 crore), involves a 14-stage treatment procedure that ensures rust-free harvesters that can perform for an extended period.

Furthermore, the firm has unveiled the 'Sonalika Samrat,' its latest and advanced harvester, for $34,305 (INR 25.5 lakh). The harvester is self-propelled and equipped with cutting-edge technology. As a result, it simplifies harvesting and is also cost-effective, allowing farmers to save money quickly, added the press release.

Sonalika's innovative Combine Harvester will increase crop productivity while reducing crop losses and quality deterioration and making threshing, reaping, and winnowing easier. It is designed to help farmers achieve optimal productivity while harvesting wheat, sunflower, mustard, soybean, black gramme, green gramme, paddy, and barley, with ease and comfort.

It delivers modern features like LED tail lamps, comfortable seating, projector headlights, and adjustable ergo steering that allows farmers to work longer hours. It is rigged with a powerful diesel engine with 101 horsepower at 2,200 rpm and a smooth-running 5-speed constant mesh gearbox.

Equipped with the lengthiest feeder assembly with four feeder chain devices for steadiness, Sonalika Samrat is supported by heavy-duty bearings for easy maintenance.

According to the release, the Sonalika Samrat Combine Harvester will be available in 2WD and 4WD configurations and with a variety of attachments to meet the needs of farmers.

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