Solo AVT partners with ABS to develop batteries for autonomous trucks


According to reliable sources, Solo Advanced Vehicle Technologies, a startup based in Silicon Valley, has partnered with Advanced Battery Solutions, a Michigan-based manufacturer of electric vehicle batteries, to develop battery packs for its new driverless heavy-duty truck.

Graham Doorley, Solo AVT’s CEO, said in an interview that the company is focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the efficiency of the logistics industry. He noted that the company is currently raising money to build its first autonomous heavy-duty truck in the U.S.

Before becoming the CEO of Solo AVT, Doorley worked at various companies, such as Tesla and Google. The idea for the Solo AVT’s driverless truck came from working at Google's Waymo, which was involved in developing automated heavy-haul trucks.

Other companies such as Swedish startup Einride are also working on automated heavy haul trucks.

In 2024, Doorley said that the company will start testing its prototype of the SD1 driverless truck. Although a contract manufacturer might make the prototypes, he noted that the company eventually intends to build its vehicles.

Unlike traditional vehicles, Solo AVT is not retrofitting existing diesel engines to the SD1. Instead, it is developing a completely new vehicle that will feature a range of up to 500 miles and expects the truck to have a fast-charging capability as well as 600 kilowatts of power.

The company has received USD 7 million in seed funding from various investors, including Maniv Mobility, Trucks Venture Capital, and Wireframe Ventures. Doorley noted that he plans to launch a Series A round of funding this summer and is exploring plans to partner with other firms as well.

For those unaware, American Battery Solutions is a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries based in Ohio.

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