SNIPR BIOME receives FDA approval for IND application for SNIPR001


SNIPR BIOME ApS, the CRISPR and microbiome company, has recently announced that the US Food & Drug Administration has approved the Investigational New Drug (IND) Application for its first development candidate, empowering the company to commence its first human trial with SNIPR001.

The trial is expected to begin in the first half of 2022. It will be investigating the tolerability and safety of healthy volunteers while studying the impact of SNIPR001 on E. coli colonization in the gut.

Dr. Christian Grøndahl, Co-founder & CEO, said that the SNIPR BIOME team is thrilled as this is a breakthrough in the journey. Also, the firm is looking forward to commencing the clinical trial in the US in the last quarter of this year by testing the unique CRISPR technology.

Christian mentioned that SNIPR001 is one of the most advanced assets, and they are proud of the team effort owing to which the firm has received this approval.

Apparently, this clinical trial could offer a new rigorous therapy to selectively target E. coli in patients with cancer with hematological malignancies, which are the type of cancer that affects the bone marrow, blood, and lymph nodes.

It has been reported that patients with such conditions possess an increased risk of life-threatening bloodstream infections due to the disease, chemotherapy treatment, and, most importantly, pathogen translocation from the gut, in which E. coli is one of the key players in causing infection.

SNIPR001 intends to target E. coli microbes in the stomach and stop the translocation of these germs to the bloodstream while parting the commensal germs in the patient's microbiome unimpacted.

The perspective with SNIPR001 is to mobilize a new application of proprietary CRISPR/Cas technology to eliminate E. coli bacteria from the gut selectively. This strategy could revolutionize how E. coli infections are prevented and cured, particularly in the cancer ward.

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