ServiceNow to acquire AI-based talent mobility platform Hitch Works


ServiceNow, an American software company that provides cloud-based solutions for enterprise operations, has recently unveiled its plans to acquire Hitch Works, a cloud-driven skills intelligence and internal talent mobility platform.

Speaking on the acquisition, Gretchen Alarcon, VP & GM of Human Resources Service Delivery at ServiceNow, said that the company will be gaining a new layer of business experience with this purchase which will add to the growth of its AI-based services.

ServiceNow had an AI platform for a long time but did not have the capability to apply for it looking at employee skills based on experience, said Alarcon. Looking at the opportunities for measuring skills and explicitly how skills require change within an organization, ServiceNow saw Hitch Works doing this with the help of AI, she said.

Hitch Works looks at the employees' skills, be it on their resumes, from the project completed or from any certification, and can gather the information from places where the firms are having gaps and looks for the best fit.

Alarcon claims that the acquisition, which is planned to close during this quarter, comes as all organizations are looking forward to employee retention and talent development. Hitch Works technology could be used in different parts of the organization. For example, the IT department requires different skills from the sales department.

She said that Hitch Works has done an excellent job by using AI for aligning skills.

In some cases, the employee may not understand how close their skills are compared to the other areas in the organization. Therefore, this technology will influence a lot of applications for employee success.

According to sources, ServiceNow plans to develop Hitch Works competencies into its Now Platform opening with its Employee Workflow resolutions and will be expanding to other parts of its IT, customer service, and developer portfolios.

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