Samsung Heavy Industries uses AWS to upgrade its smart ship solution


AWS Korea reportedly revealed that Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), one of the largest manufacturers of offshore and ship equipment in the world, has upgraded SVESSEL, the company’s smart ship solution on AWS platform.

The solution is now integrated with digitized applications for vessel maintenance and repair. Using these applications, ship operators can enhance the quality of maintenance services without increasing costs. SVESSEL comprehensively uses AWS services like data analysis, machine learning, and communication, allowing customers to collect real-time data from active ships, deliver quick maintenance support and remotely check the condition of a ship’s equipment.

This aids customers of Samsung Heavy Industries to operate a shipping fleet with optimum productivity and minimum downtime.

SHI chose AWS as the cloud provider in 2018 for developing a next-gen smart ship solution. This solution will help to conduct a thorough monitoring of a ship’s life cycle, right from construction to its decommissioning.

SHI’s upgradation of its smart ship solutions comes as a part of its plans for digital transformation. This upgraded solution will enhance the process of ship maintenance, improve efficiency by over 20%, and reduce the time of processing claims by a month.

The previously used system took at least two months to identify the issues, provide materials, and perform repairs. On top of that, engineers had to physically board each vessel to analyze the status of the ship’s equipment and then deliver maintenance reports, either through satellite phone or email.

SVESSEL uses Amazon SageMaker, a service that creates, trains, and develops application-based ML models. It is now capable of monitoring the data related to the power and vibrations of the ship’s rotating equipment in real-time. This will help predict the maintenance time of the equipment, spot potential wear & tear, and more importantly, warn the ship crew about potential equipment failures.

HyunJo Kim, Head of Ship and Ocean Research Center at SHI, stated that AWS allows SHI’s customers to efficiently manage their ship’s life cycle. He further added that the company plans to assist its customers with optimized AWS services like IoT.

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