Rio Tinto, CAT team up to develop zero-emission autonomous trucks


Rio Tinto, a prominent mining company, has collaborated with construction & mining equipment major Caterpillar to develop zero-emission autonomous haul trucks for its Western Australian mines.

Together, the two firms will collaborate on developing Caterpillar's future 220 t 793 zero-emissions autonomous haul truck, which will include the validation of its developing zero-emissions technology.

A 793-prototype pilot program, testing, and pre-production trials are among the objectives that Rio Tinto and Caterpillar will pursue on.

Sources estimate that the world's first operational deployment of 35 new Caterpillar 793 zero-emissions autonomous haul trucks is expected to be at commenced at Gudai-Darri.

For the record, Gudai-Darri is Rio Tinto's highly technological iron ore mine, located in Western Australia's Pilbara region.

Alf Barrios, Chief Commercial Officer, Rio Tinto, said: Their priority is accomplishing net zero emissions across its operations. To fulfill this mission, Rio Tinto will require innovative and new solutions and partnerships with trader partners like Caterpillar.

This alliance is a small but crucial step in that direction. The firm looks forward to collaborating in the next years to validate these zero-emission haul vehicles. Technology used at Gudai-Darri puts Rio Tinto at the frontline of new mining operations worldwide, and the firm is excited to bring Caterpillar zero-emissions haul trucks to the site.

Denise Johnson, Group President, Caterpillar, said: Rio Tinto's commitment to net-zero emissions is exemplified by combining autonomy with a zero-emissions fleet.

Rio Tinto can enhance production, efficiency, and sustainability by using these technologies throughout their facilities. The firm is delighted to be included in Rio Tinto's sustainability journey, and it looks forward to continuing the long-term partnership.

In June, Rio Tinto had announced that it would deploy the world's first completely autonomous water truck at Gudai-Darri, manufactured by Caterpillar. As part of a $44 million pre-feasibility study, Rio Tinto evaluates several project concepts for Gudai-Darri Phase 2.

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