Researchers set to ‘reimagine intelligence’ with $12M project by CSIRO


Australian researchers are on a mission to “reimagine intelligence” and revolutionize human-robot interaction fueled by a $12 million CSIRO project.

Contributing to the collaborative intelligence study that is gaining momentum globally, CSIRO debuted Collaborative Intelligence (CINTEL) Future Science Platform recently with an aim to maximize benefits of an amalgamated human and machine intelligence.

CSIRO will operate CINTEL in collaboration with Emesent, Department of Defense, Saber Astronautics, TAFE Queensland, QUT, the Queensland AI Hub and researchers from University of Sydney and Monash University.

Dr Cecile Paris, CINTEL Lead quoted that throughout the four years, the project will bring experts from diverse fields under one roof including social & behavioral scientists along with experts across robotics and other domains to nurture human-robot teams by designing technology.

Dr Paris highlighted the key objective of the project which is to reroute from the idea of robots replacing humans through automation, towards the idea of how effectively they collaborate.

While human intelligence is creative and adaptable, machine intelligence caters to specific needs associated with data handling, Dr Paris stated.

Essentially, AI systems designed to work with a human element are assumed to offer better results in case of complex problems that display changeable contexts that are not easy to define as compared to those developed to work independently.

Dr Paris added that the project will design a dynamic and robust human-robot collaboration allowing humans and robots to react to environmental changes in real-time and help them make decisions together.

CINTEL will develop technology useful in situations like rescue missions which urge dynamic situation awareness and mechanisms that assure a collaborative human-robot dialogue throughout.

Speculations have it that Robot Olympics is the first project initiated under CINTEL led by CSIRO’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group.

CINTEL’s other research projects will comprise of introduction of a digital team assist for scientists to decode information in modern biological archive and fostering cybersecurity analysts with synergistic surveillance.

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