Prima Solutions introduces Prima Selfcare for the insurance industry


Universal cloud-based software provider for insurance and reinsurance professionals, Prima Solutions has recently declared the launch of its novel cloud-based software suite- Prima Selfcare. According to official sources, Prima Selfcare serves to be a new cross functional domain for the company’s cloud-based software which provides non-life and life insurers and reinsurers with a novel and advanced way of communicating with tier clients and customers via a fully configurable portal.

Reports have it that Prima Selfcare looks forward to creating an enhanced policyholder experience and boosts satisfaction, delivering customized service anytime and anywhere. Also, the platform would allow the enterprise and individual clients to enjoy easy access to an interface that offers a complete view of their predetermined situation to date.

In addition to this, the new product is also likely to offer summary and consulting tools, along with all the functions that the Enterprise customers need to manage their contracts and quote, contribution installments, and insure fleets.

Insurers are expected to offer a mobile interface developed with the latest technologies that blend in comprehensive and deep UX research and inherits the fields and rules of the novel Prima Selfcare and other cloud management platforms. Besides, they are also likely to have access to an expansive gamut of tools for customizing the GI to fit their brand.

It has been further claimed that the Prima Selfcare software features all the cloud services of the company’s platforms, with detailed regular updates, security, end-to-end support, high availability, and compliance.

Commenting on the recent launch, President of Prima Solutions, Hugues Delannoy cited that the firm, every year, looks to enhance its cloud software suite to help insurers leverage huge benefits of their ecosystem, data, and innovate accordingly.

He added that following the launch of Prima Pilot in 2020, the company complement Prima Solutions cloud software suite. This stands to be an increasingly modular and agile suite developed particularly for the insurance sector.

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