Players bid farewell to Googles Stadia as the platform shuts down


Tech behemoth Google LLC will reportedly stop offering its Stadia cloud gaming service in the UK from Thursday i.e., 19th January, while giving refunds to users. When Stadia debuted in November 2019, it was hailed as "Netflix for games," enabling users to stream games without a PC or console.

It is worth mentioning that anyone who purchased Stadia from Google has been promised a refund. This included customers who purchased controllers, games, or downloaded material; according to a prior Google estimate, these reimbursements would be processed by the middle of January.

Back in September last year, Google announced that Stadia would be shut down since it hadn't garnered the traction among users that the firm had intended.  There may be numerous causes for Stadia's failure.

Theoretically, cloud gaming frees users from console updates, patches, and other annoyances, but it can't be used when traveling, which is the only time they don't have accessibility to systems. Cloud gaming also requires a decent, stable internet connection to function. Because of the precedent set by the music, cinema, and television, people anticipate that streaming will be less expensive. However, it is impossible to provide a game streaming service at a lower cost and make a profit considering the significant development costs associated with video games.

Interestingly, gamers have asserted that they were heartbroken to see the service end. Hence, in order to commemorate the service's end, one last Stadia game, Worm Game, has been released by Google. Additionally, it has revealed plans to provide Bluetooth functionality on its Stadia controllers, enabling wireless PC gameplay even after Stadia closes.

Many users took to Twitter to express their remorse. Some even claimed that the refunds allowed them to acquire a new gaming system, and Ubisoft even provided the previously purchased games for free. This implied that they practically received 4K Chromecasts and controllers for free because even the hardware was returned.

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