Netra.AI to speed up diabetic retinopathy diagnosis: Sankara Eye Foundation


Diabetic retinopathy diagnosis is now slated to become more accurate and efficient with use of Artificial Intelligence, and this first step has been taken up by Leben Care and Sankara Eye Foundation having recently installed an inclusive retina risk assessment software- Netra.AI.

The cloud-based AI solution, Netra.AI, is powered by Intel technology and makes use of deep learning to detect retinal conditions in a short span of time with efficiency matching that of human doctors.

Reports suggest that Netra.AI analyzes images from portable fundus camera devices which helps them obtain referable DR grading via cloud-based web portal immediately. The solution makes use of AI algorithms that are developed in partnership with leading retina professionals, with a four-step deep convolution neural network (DCNN).

Apparently, the neural network would help detect the stage of disease and annotate lesions based on pixel density in the images obtained.

It would be important to mention that Netra. AI was authenticated at Sankara Eye Hospital with external and internal validation images from the patients. In fact, the software tool has screened over 3,293 patients globally to date and successfully identified around 812 at-risk patients.

Speaking on the accuracy and efficiency of Netra.AI to detect diabetic retinopathy, President Medical Administration, Quality and Education at Sankara Eye Foundation, Kaushik Murali cited that the team tried mimicking what they were doing as a clinician, while forming the algorithm. This step, evidently, enabled them to obtain a high sensitivity and specificity, of about 98.5% to diagnose diabetic retinopathy.

It was also mentioned that the report is generated in no time thereby helping the professionals deliver instant guidance for patients needing to be referred to the hospital.

Meanwhile, VP and Managing Director-Sales, Marketing, and Communications Group at Intel India, Prakash Mallya attested the innovation and commented that the development is a brilliant complement to ophthalmologist and healthcare specialists who are into diagnostics.

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