NATO allies sign accession protocol for Finland and Sweden


NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies have reportedly signed the accession protocol for Finland and Sweden, further sending the bids for membership of these two nations for legislative approvals.

As per sources, the move would enhance the strategic isolation of Russia considering its invasion of Ukraine in February and military struggles since then.

While commenting on the move, Jens Stoltenberg's alliance, Secretary-General, said this is a historic moment for Sweden, Finland, and NATO.

The 30 ambassadors and permanent representatives officially approved the ruling made by the alliance during the NATO summit when this remarkable decision of inviting Russia's neighbor Finland and Scandinavian partner Sweden to join the military club was made.

Although, regardless of the agreement in the alliance, there are still chances that parliamentary approval in member state Turkey could create issues for their final addition as members.

Mr. Stoltenberg said that there were security concerns that required to be addressed, and as always, this time they found a common ground.

Every nation in the alliance has different legislative procedures and challenges to deal with, and it could take several more months for the two to become official members.

Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto expressed his views stating that he looks forward to a smooth ratification process.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has given high importance to the process. It will ensconce the two nations in the Western military alliance and offers NATO more power, especially at a time of Moscow's military threat.

NATO Alliance will be stronger, and the people will be safer as it faces one of the major security crises in decades, he added.

The recent signing-off brings both nations deeper into the fold of NATO. The two nations have also attended meetings as close partners, which involved problems that immediately affected them.

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