MyHealthcare, Ashoka University partner to support evidence-based research


MyHealthcare, a digital care ecosystem, has announced that it has collaborated with Ashoka University to build evidence-based clinical research on cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes.

With the bussing need for chronic care management in India, this collaboration will be intended to research and build clinical models that will help deliver better care outcomes, said the company in a recent statement.

MyHealthcare focuses on filling the healthcare delivery gap by building an integrated healthcare system. The ecosystem uses active data-driven care protocols to aid doctors and clinicians in offering effective treatment to their patients.

Based on this premise, MyHealthcare will be working with Ashoka University to enhance clinical data collection, analytics, and curation for helping develop an evidence-based clinical decision support system across major chronic diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Dean of Research and Professor of Biology, Ashoka University Professor, L S Shashidhara, said in a statement that Ashoka is committed to training, education, and research on growing lifestyle diseases and using evidence-based models for creating efficient preventive care medicine.

The consequence of this collaboration with MyHealthcare will aid in extending the research and help catalyze the awareness and growth of preventive medicine.

Shyatto Raha, Founder & CEO, MyHealthcare, stated that this collaboration with Ashoka University would be a testimonial milestone for MyHealthcare. The firm believes that the future quality healthcare delivery will be tech-enabled health.

Via this partnership, the firm gets to work with the finest clinicians, scientists, and best minds in life sciences and biosciences in building an efficient framework for health data infrastructure and clinical research.

This alliance will empower the firm to bring partner hospitals to produce better access to real-world studies and clinical research for delivering evidence-based care models.

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