Microsoft to invest $1 billion to boost digitalization in Malaysia


  • The company will setup several data centers across the country that manage data from various nations
  • It will also assist a million Malaysians to gain digital skills by the end of 2023

American multinational technology firm- Microsoft Corp. has reportedly announced an investment of nearly USD 1 billion in the next five years in Malaysia as a part of a new partnership program inked with government institutes and local companies.

Notably, the announcement follows months after Malaysia extended conditional approvals to major companies like Google, Amazon, Telekom Malaysia Bhd, and Microsoft to develop and manage hyperscale data centers and offer advanced cloud services.

For the record, the news follows after the nation witnessed a plunge in foreign direct investments by 68% in the year 2020, marking the biggest decline in Southeast Asia.

In line with the above, Malaysia has defended itself as an investment hub, with the finance minister recently claiming that it was seeking incentives to gain more FDI. Moreover, the investment from these cloud service providers is likely to total between USD 2.91 billion and USD 3.64 billion over a span of five years.

As per a statement by the Prime Minister of Malaysia- Muhyiddin Yassin while introducing the Bersama Malaysia program, under the initiative, Microsoft is expected to establish its first “data center region” that comprises various data centers across Malaysia to manage data from different countries.

Jean-Philippe Courtois, Microsoft Executive Vice President, mentioned that the proposed data centers will prove to be a game-changer for Malaysia and will allow businesses and government to transform their operations.  

As a part of the latest program, Microsoft will also help nearly a million Malaysians in gaining digital skills by the end of 2023.

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