Messaging app Snapchat surpasses 100 million users in India


American multimedia messaging app, Snapchat has revealed that its monthly user base has surpassed 100 million in India. With this new milestone, the firm now plans to enhance its efforts towards offering additional resources to its content creator community in India.

The parent company of Snapchat, Snap Inc., remotely hosted the 2nd edition of 'Snap in India' wherein Evan Spiegel, its co-founder and CEO informed about the milestone of reaching 100 million Snap chatters every month in India.

He added that the firm made substantial investments in localizing the Snapchat experience for the Indian community. Additionally, they have developed highly active and creative local creator communities, added culturally relevant content, and invested in local products, marketing initiatives, and language support.

Mr. Spiegel remarked that these efforts to provide the Indian Snap chatter localized experience had helped the company touch this milestone. The company will continue to augment its efforts around celebrating local culture and talent while allowing, growing, and delivering resources for the community of Indian content creators.

Snapchat's software allows users to share photographs with friends and includes augmented reality filters and lenses.

Snap has also formed partnerships with several local businesses. For instance, Flipkart, a domestic e-commerce platform, has established a strategic collaboration to develop novel AR experiences for e-commerce.

With this partnership, shoppers can begin their shopping and e-commerce engagement journey via Snapchat AR.

Though Flipkart presently has an AR-enabled camera, the addition of Snap's Camera Kit will increase its proficiencies, letting users discover a larger selection of items in categories such as wearable technology, fashion, and more in an immersive manner in the coming months.

India’s e-commerce landscape is certainly changing rapidly with customers looking for richer user experience. Flipkart Chief Product & Technology Officer, Jeyandran Venugopal says that its partnership with Snap will herald a new era in the e-commerce sector.

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