MathWorks to support tech firms with ‘Suites for Startups’ offering


MathWorks, a mathematical computing software company, has extended its support to next-gen entrepreneurs by providing access to standard suites comprising Simulink, MATLAB, and approximately 100 industry-specific toolboxes at an economically friendly price.

According to sources, Suites for Startups will offer a full stack of tools for design, simulation, coding and testing. The suites will also comprise training options in regional languages along with technical support from MathWorks experts who are ready to help users from idea to execution to implementation.

Furthermore, this platform will include a promotion program that will help users to advertise and market their services and products.

David Rich, director of MATLAB Product Marketing, said that MATLAB has worked with numerous startups and acknowledged that using the best tools helps companies succeed fast with minimum risk.

The new startup suites assure that entrepreneurs have access to the latest commercially accepted design tools that consist of wide range of tools that MathWorks provides - from physical modeling, AI, cloud integration, control design, code generation and more.

MathWorks is committed to accelerating the pace of science and engineering and expands its support to teams who are looking for solutions for modern day-to-day problems. Among the 7,000 startups in robotics, medical technology and several other industries already using MATLAB are Owl Autonomous, Metawave, AEye. 

Furthermore, a Netherland-based solar electric car manufacturing company, Lightyear has also received access to MathWorks’ support and products to develop the world’s first solar-powered car.

Startups working in this domain are pioneers in technical innovation but often lack funding. MathWorks startup program is committed to giving early-stage companies support and tools to fasten the launch of minimum viable products without having to opt between skilled engineers and the latest technical tools.

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