Legacy partners with MFBC to support Elite Military Special Operators


Legacy, America’s premier digital fertility clinic for men, has entered into a partnership with Military Family Building Coalition (MFBC) to back America's NSW (Naval Special Warfare) Community for providing important access to family planning services and care along with addressing challenges military members face in their journey to parenthood while working with the armed forces.

Legacy's partner MFBC is the first organization dedicated solely to assisting active-duty military personnel who face difficulties related to fertility and family planning. This collaboration between a non-profit and a rapidly growing start-up will aid crucial needs of routinely deployed troops to protect their fertility, especially since the Congress has faced challenges to pass financing for this vital service.

Due to their challenging demands and operational tempo, the NSW community represents a military group with a significant need for this program. Issues such as general combat dangers and environmental chemicals, as well as separations from partners and families, are factors that impact fertility and family building.

Secretary Ash Carter's "Force of the Future Program" that recognizes the importance of improved fertility benefits, including sperm and egg freezing, motivated Legacy's dedication to military service members.

The program was intended to offer troops "greater flexibility" and "peace of mind" if they plan to start their family in the future. John Crowley as Head of Military Affairs is constantly working with MFBC, for ensuring that every military member has access to DNA cryopreservation.

Given the recent passage of the Veteran Families Health Services Act of 2021, Legacy's work in this area is extremely pertinent. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), and Representative Rick Larsen (D-WA) have introduced a bill for expanding fertility treatment for servicemembers and veterans, including in vitro fertilization and counseling.

"Reproductive health is one of the most crucial components of military readiness and a issue of national security," said John Crowley, adding that we're obliged to support Naval Special Warfare with this opportunity."

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