Kakao Brain to upgrade its Korean-language AI model using Google TPU


Kakao Brain, the AI tech research and development subsidiary of South Korean messaging app operator Kakao Corp., has reportedly announced that it will be upgrading its Korean-language based AI model to go all-in to promote the development of the nation’s AI sector.

As per the announcement, Kakao Brain plans on enhancing the deep learning process of its Korean-language AI model, KoGPT, and making it 100 times more efficient with the help of the Google Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), Google Cloud’s supercomputer.

Google TPU, which is a large-scale computing system that can rapidly calculate and process data, is the nation’s biggest supercomputing infrastructure with deep learning capabilities. The company adds that it is capable of carrying out as many as one quintillion calculations per second.

The company plans on improving its AI model with the system so it can understand Korean better, with the possibility of recognizing sarcasm in a sentence or filtering out negative comments online.

Kim Il-doo, the CEO of Kakao Brain, had stated that the company will make its AI models available as open-source, which will allow users to access its technology and come with services that can further develop the AI industries, whether for domestic or global markets.

An official from Kakao Brain has stated that a vision AI model will be launched by the company next year, and the English and Thai AI models will be upgraded as well.

A vision AI model, with deep learning technology, will collect information from images that can be used, for instance, to warn users walking on a street to watch out for any deep hole in their path.

The official further added that in the future AI models can also be employed in the mobility industry, going as far as being able to control the steering wheel of autonomous cars to drive safely at a certain speed, after analyzing the traffic.

Source credit: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20211125000641