Intas introduces the first Super Bioavailable Itraconazole-SB 100mg


Intas Pharmaceuticals, one of the world's largest biotech companies, has recently made advancement in the Antifungal Therapy area by introducing the world's first-ever Super Bioavailable (SB) Itraconazole- 100mg by the Brand Name of Itaspor-SB Forte/Subawin.

As per sources, the drug has also been approved by the Indian Regulatory Authorities. Conventional Itraconazole, which is used to fight fungal contamination, has higher result discrepancy and little patient compliance depending on dosage upon food, acidic beverage, antacids consumption, etc., and the treatment cost overall.

It is anticipated that Itaspor SB Forte/Subawin will enhance patient compliance and lessen doctor's counseling time. It may reduce dosing to 50%. Moreover, patients can take it with/without a meal with water or as prescribed by the physician. Substantially, the cost of therapy will also be reduced.

Statistics and researchers suggest that the Itraconazole molecule possesses low blood drug concentration, impacting safety and efficacy while taken orally. These blood levels also vary from patient to patient.

Furthermore, the recommendation to take it with acidic beverages or a full fatty meal further reduces patient compliance and adds to the problem of anticipated blood drug concentration. The cost of fungal infection therapy is another factor as the duration of treatment differs from 3 to 8 weeks.

Dr. R D Kharkar, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Mumbai, said that despite the benefits of SB (Super Bioavailable) technology like half the drug, freedom to prescribe with/without food, no inter-patient variability, even with Antacids, any beverage, that too with a drop in overall cost of treatment seems to be a win-win position.

Dr. Alok Chaturvedi, Senior Vice-president & Head - Medical Affairs, Intas Pharmaceuticals, claims that their firm’s latest formulations in the 25-year-old Itasporis brand prepared with Super Bioavailable (SB) Technology makes 1 Itaspor-SB Forte capsule equal to conventional 200mg Itraconazole.

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