Insight LiDAR unveils gesture recognition LiDAR for autonomous vehicles


Colorado-based autonomous vehicle technology firm, Insight LiDAR has reportedly announced that its product, ‘Insight 1600’, has become the first LiDAR with integrated superior resolution and velocity detection that allows pedestrian gesture recognition. The latest offering could be used by autonomous vehicles (AV) perception teams to accurately predict actions of pedestrians on road.

According to Chris Wood, Vice President, Insight LiDAR, the detection of the pedestrian movements that depict the intent is an integral safety measure. The technology was initially designed to make critical vehicle decisions, primarily regarding vehicle movement.

Chris further mentioned that critical information is widely being used to identify and predict pedestrian movements. He stated that the firm’s Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) sensors are expected to carry the lowest detectable velocity on the market.

As per reports, unlike other LiDAR technology, Insight 1600 provides a sensitive technology to monitor the environment. It uses a low-power continuous wave of light in place of superior-power laser pulses to sense its environment.

In addition to the above, the technology is much more sensitive than the conventional LiDAR systems, and allows automated vehicles to see objects from further away. Insight 1600 comes with the industry’s highest resolution, 4-64x, which is better than that of its competitors.

The ultra-high resolution along with the company’s sensitive FMCW architecture detects pixels to allow the AV software to identify small, low reflective objects at distances crossing 200m.  

Michael Minneman, CEO, Insight LiDAR, was quoted stating that the Insight 1600 with its advanced, high-resolution, and developed FMCW technology extends an Advanced Driving Assistance System which is safer for Autonomous Vehicles. Michael added that high amount of data generated by Insight 1600 simplifies AI and ultimately ensures a safe drive.

Seemingly, along with abundant data, Insight 1600 is also highly reliable and cost-effective with a combination of patented techniques and enabling technologies.

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