IBM to acquire cybersecurity firm Randori to tackle rising cyberthreats


US technology conglomerate, IBM has recently announced that it is acquiring Randori, a leading attack surface management (ASM) and cybersecurity provider, to help organizations strengthen their defenses against cyberthreats.

Although the financial terms of the deal were not revealed, credible source cites that Randori currently holds a valuation that ranges from $50 million to $100 million. Additionally, the startup has almost raised around $30 million in two funding rounds. Its latest Series A investment round was headed by Harmony Partners in April 2020.

ASM is becoming crucial for every organization as it constantly discovers, classifies and monitors a firm's IT infrastructure. Reports show that as a result of COVID-led shift to remote and hybrid working, the number of potential exposure points in new hybrid cloud operating environment is rising steadily.

The Randori Recon offers organizations a constant assessment of the attack surfaces from the attacker's perspective. In addition, the startup's Attack platform provides insights to the security teams about the hacker's logic, like getting to know how they target, plan and implement attacks by systematizing real-world attacks to understand where the security programs are lagging.

Brian Hazzard, CEO and co-founder of Randori, said that their firm was established to ensure that every business has access to the perspective of the attackers. It is vital to be aware of what is exposed and how attackers view the environment to stay ahead of cyber threats, and that is what Randori exactly provides.

As per Kevin Skapinetz, VP of Strategy & Business Development, IBM Security, cyber attackers can be countered when businesses start acting like them with continuous automation of their latest techniques. Randori offers a hacker-driven approach to ASM that is truly exclusive and helps companies to view their exposure just like an attacker could.

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