Govt. of India amid talks to lower price of Zydus’s COVID-19 vaccine


Indian pharma firm, Zydus Cadila and the Government of India are in discussions over the cost of the ZyCoV-D, the firm’s new COVID-19 vaccine. The pharma company is said to have offered a price of Rs 1,900 ($25.57) for the three-dose shot that may be administered to anybody over the age of 12.

According to credible sources, the firm has recommended a price of Rs 1,900 inclusive of taxes. However, all parts of the vaccine's cost have been urged to be reconsidered by the business. A final decision on the vaccine's pricing is expected this week.

Other sources state that the ZyCoV-D vaccine must be valued differently than Covaxin and Covishield because it is a three-dose vaccine and requires a needle-free jet injector, which costs Rs 30,000 ($403). Around 20,000 doses can be administered with that jet injector.

According to the government, Zydus Cadila's indigenously produced COVID-19 vaccine, the world's first needle-free and DNA-based COVID-19 vaccine, will be included in the countrywide anti-coronavirus immunization push soon.

The vaccine needs to be administered on Zero, 28, and 56 days.

The Centre and the pharma firm have had three rounds of discussions so far. At a news briefing, Union Health Secretary, Mr. Rajesh Bhushan, said the government is in talks with vaccine producers on its purchase price.

He remarked that since this is a three-dose vaccine with a needleless delivery mechanism, it would be priced differently than the existing vaccinations utilized in the COVID immunization program.

The drug regulator granted ZyCoV-D Emergency Use Authorization on August 20, making it the first vaccination to be given to children aged 12 to 18, in addition to adults.

Covishield, Covaxin, and Sputnik V vaccinations are only administered to those above 18, and unlike ZyCoV-D, they are two-dose vaccines.

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