GM recalls all Chevy Bolt models over faulty batteries made by LG


American automotive corporation, General Motors (GM) has recalled all Chevrolet Bolt made to date, including the new electric utility vehicle models, due to worries that a manufacturing flaw in the cars' batteries could result in a fire.

Earlier in November, Chevy Bolt models were recalled after five cars caught fire without any crashes. After a thorough investigating of the problem, a second batch was also recalled by Chevy in July. Again, two manufacturing defects were traced, which can occur simultaneously.

As per a report, the latest recall comprises 73,000 Bolts made from 2019 to 2022, bringing the total recall to approximately 142,000 cars, with around 100,000 being sold in the US.

The faults which include a folded separator and torn anode tab resulted in a condition that could cause a short in affected cells.

According to GM, the earlier recalls costed it $800 million, and it is estimated that the latest recall will add around $1 billion to the total expense. As a result, GM will look for reimbursement from battery maker LG.

The automaker plans to replace the vehicles' batteries to fix the problem, which will be an expensive, laborious and time-consuming process.

GM recommends that Bolt owners should keep their vehicles parked outside with batteries charged to 90% or less until replacement batteries are available and servicing appointments can be made. It added that the estimated range should be maintained above 70 miles.

The automaker says that it is working with LG Chem to increase the production of replacement cell.

The faulty batteries were initially discovered at an LG Chem factory in Ochang, South Korea, and the companies estimated that the issue was confined to that plant.

However, a fire in Chandler, Arizona, a few weeks ago, including a 2019 Bolt, led investigators to enlarge their scope, disclosing that the batteries made at other LG factories also contain the same problem.

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