FOX India hunts bright minds for its media technology innovation hub


Fox Corporation has reportedly announced expanding digital talent throughout its brands following the announcement of the company’s newly established technology hub in India.

Reportedly, FOX India marks the latest investment of FOX Tech team with the purpose of attracting, recruiting and supporting the company with top talent in the industry in order to design the future of entertainment, news, and sports.

Essentially, FOX Tech follows places with vast talent for establishing its presence.

Chief Technology Officer and President of Digital at FOX, Paul Cheesbrough reflected upon the opportunity the company provides to work on some of the largest streaming events and high-profile projects in the world.

Mr. Cheesbrough stated that FOX offers access to state-of-the-art resources and platforms which allows team members to come across some of the most unique and interesting technology challenges and work with talented operators and bright builders in the business.

It has been claimed that FOX’s entry in the Indian market foresees greater opportunity as the country has been a popular technology hub supporting innovations. Moreover,  sustainable influx of investments will fuel the company’s existing and forthcoming digital offering and technology growth in the region.

FOX claims a leading position in low latency 4k high resolution streaming with extensive innovations in the progressing blockchain sector, social, gaming and NFT sectors.

Varun Narang, FOX’s Chief Product Officer quoted that the company fosters a start-up like culture allowing every team member to influence future outlook of FOX Tech.  

The American mass media company has portfolio that meets millions of digital consumers across all verticals of FOX.

Apparently, the digital team at FOX offers best user experience for large-scale events for instance, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 following Super Bowl in 2023.

At present, FOX India offers remote positions to its employees and is likely to implement hybrid work arrangement in the coming years.

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