FLSmidth & Carbon8 Systems to boost carbon capture in cement sector


FLSmidth, a global supplier of sustainable cement solutions and services, has formed a global commercial partnership with UK-based Carbon8 Systems (C8S) to aid the cement industry to achieve its net zero carbon emission goals. Carbon capture is critical for a sustainable global cement industry – which presently reports for 7-8 percent of global carbon emissions.

FLSmidth has pledged on achieving zero emission production through its MissionZero commitment by 2030. Its global network will expand the reach of C8S’ carbon capture and utilization (CCU) solution in collaboration with UK's C8S. 

C8S' technology, which is already in use at a VICAT cement factory in France, extracts CO2 from process gases and combines it with circumventing dust from the manufacturing environment to make a lightweight additive for construction.

“The cement industry is investigating every feasible alternative to lower its environmental footprint”, said Carsten Riisberg Lund, FLSmidth's Cement President. “One such technology that has recently reached commercial maturity and has enormous potential is carbon collection and utilization (CCU).” 

“Integration of C8S' innovative carbonation technology and their vast process understanding will help the cement industry achieve its Net Zero goals”, he added.

“This agreement represents a significant step forward in FLSmidth’s collaborative efforts to achieve the global cement industry's sustainability goals. The firm will collaborate effectively with C8S to increase the pace of its technology, leveraging their deep expertise, products, and global footprint”.

“The company is delighted that FLSmidth entered into a business agreement with Carbon8 Systems,” said John Pilkington, CEO of C8S. FLSmidth’s great track record in the international cement business, as well as its global footprint will help grow and expand C8S at the forefront of the cement industry's desire to reach Net Zero.”

According to reliable sources, the two companies are expected to  detail out their goals for commercializing their collaboration in a joint webinar in October 2021.

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