EUROAPI & Sanofi extend partnership to support mRNA vaccine platform


EUROAPI, the leading player in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), has recently announced that it has extended its partnership with Sanofi, a French multinational healthcare company, to back the latter’s platform for mRNA vaccine with the development of lipid nanoparticles.

Under this collaboration, EUROAPI will optimize and develop advanced chemical synthesis routes and manufacture Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) batches for many second-generation cationic lipids via its CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) activity.

EUROAPI will be focusing on lipids that are being tested under the Phase I/II clinical trials, supporting Sanofi’s mRNA vaccines platform that is targeting indications such as Flu.

Commenting on the move, Cécile Maupas, EUROAPI’s Chief CDMO Officer, said that the firm is thrilled to declare the extension of its agreement with Sanofi for developing mRNA vaccines under the CDMO activity.

The partnership is crucial for EUROAPI as it further showcases the capabilities of EUROAPI and validates that the hastening of CDMO activity is of key importance for the firm.

He told that their firm is proud to be a partner of choice for Sanofi and looks forward to collaborating on this optimistic project.

Kai Rossen, Chief Scientific Officer, EUROAPI, said that the firm’s advanced and diverse technologies combined with the heritage in complex chemistry offers a strong base for the upcoming lipids CDMO offering, which is expanding presently to other partners globally.

EUROAPI, with its CDMO activity, backed by strong capabilities in its Budapest and Frankfurt development and manufacturing sites, EUROAPI is a comprehensive frontrunner in lipid nanoparticles which at present are the crucial delivery enabler technologies for mRNA vaccines.

The lipid nanoparticles play a vital role in their ability to protect, encapsulate, and transport mRNA to the cells where it will employ its therapeutic activity.

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