Egypt to launch universal health insurance system in the next 10 years


Mohamed Maait, Finance Minister of Egypt, has recently stated that the UHIS (Universal Health Insurance System) would be employed in all governorates of Egypt in the coming 10 years based on a constitutional mandate for reducing its 15-year planned timetable.

Providing all-inclusive and unified health care to all Egyptian family members is the country’s long-term vision that cannot be delayed, said Maait, who also holds the position of head of the General Authority for the UHIS.

This arises considering all the global economic crises, which include COVID-19 and the war in Europe, which has forced the government across the globe to reposition spending priorities, noted the minister.

The UHIS is estimated to be employed in the rest of its first phase's governorates — Aswan, Suez, and South Sinai, before the ending of the current Financial Year 2022/2023 after seeing success in Luxor and Port Said and extended to Ismailia, stated Maait.

In early 2018, the six-phase healthcare scheme was started in Port Said and was later extended to Ismailia ad Luxor, with the citizens with the lowest income given priority in the program's schedule.

However, Cairo, the capital, was relegated to the final phase.

Notably, around 5 million Egyptian citizens have been listed in the UHIS of the country in the governorates of the first phase, the cabinet's IDSC (Information and Decision Support Centre) announced in December 2021.

Maait further noted that the UHIS beneficiaries have the right to choose where they can get the medical service from the authorized organizations under the patronage of the new insurance system.

The UHIS covers more than 3,000 different health services varying from surgical intrusions, tumor treatments, organ transplantations, medical analysis, radiology scans, and prosthetic devices in line with the latest innovations in the medical field.

Furthermore, Maait ensured that the state's public treasury would carry the financial burden of the needy families in case of sickness along with the risks and psychological consequences.

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