Disrupt-X & Intel IoT Alliance partner to launch Ignite Shield


Dubai-based IoT development firm, Disrupt-X has reportedly made it to the front page following its launch of an all-in-one cloud platform for water and air monitoring- Ignite Shield, in collaboration with Intel IoT.

Reports suggest that this initiative stands out to be the first global launch of Ignite Shield in collaboration with IoT Alliance hosted on AWS using Intel Architecture.

For the record, Ignite Shield is a full-stacked IoT solution which includes smart indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, swimming pool monitoring, smart water infrastructure monitoring, water tanks monitoring, SPA monitoring, and water pressure monitoring from communities and buildings.

In fact, it has been reported that the solution can be scaled from a single asset up to a city level, making IoT for end-users and companies quite beneficial. The solution makes use of long life battery devices with latest communications protocols like Sigfox/4G/5G/LoraWAN, and others.

Moreover, the IoT cloud based solution boasts of exceptional web platform and mobile application supported on both Android and iOS devices which are hosted on Amazon Web Services using Intel Architecture using Deep Learning, AI, and machine learning to evaluate the data and provide analytics.

Speaking on the latest development, Mr. Adib Rajji, Intel Enterprise and Public Sector Manager for Gulf region stated that the company strives to offer Disrupt-X with what they need to move forward on their goals with their business and customers.

Mr. Rajji added that Intel has enabled an early solution development engagement so that the company’s partners can leverage the benefits offered by Intel’s leading-edge technology and edge to cloud offerings.

Meanwhile, Disrupt-X CEO, Yaseen AIJaizani mentioned that the organization and the team is thrilled to be at the forefront of IoT based technology, with its new solutions and products delivering real practical life optimizing uses like water monitoring and air quality monitoring.

While commenting on the alliance with Intel, Yaseen quoted that Intel’s support enables seamless processing power and helps in facilitating city wide rollout of the product.

Source Credit: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/disrupt-x-in-partnership-with-intel-iot-alliance-launch-ignite-shield---worlds-first-water-and-air-quality-monitoring-iot-platform-301287040.html