Cloudify to develop agile-first approach to 5G & Edge orchestration


Cloudify, a multi-cloud orchestration platform, has recently partnered with Intel, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Capgemini Engineering for streamlining transformation of telecommunication & enterprises to public cloud-based infrastructure with the help of open source cloud-native and DevOps-based architecture, called an agile-first approach.

According to Ariel Dan, CEO of Cloudify, this partnership demonstrates a thorough rewrite of how network automation and 5G may operate in a post-public cloud environment. With AWS, the company can develop a strong and open multi-vendor solution without the hassle of integration, allowing them to focus on transforming management across the entire stack utilizing an agile first strategy.

This partnership will help solve the significant industry automation challenges in a real carrier environment in just a few weeks, including providing new upgrades in a short period and changing the complete 5G core between two different manufacturers in only three weeks, claim sources.

It was aimed at both vendors and carriers looking to ramp up transformation into the public cloud and cloud-native by incorporating several Kubernetes cluster service orchestration. This resulted in a faster delivery, a significant reduction in transformation expenses, and future-proofing opportunities for the next generation cloud era.

The partnership will serve as a gateway to new features in Cloudify version 6 (anticipated in Q3 2021), which will include service orchestration for diverse Kubernetes clusters, support for AWS Outposts discovery, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), and batch updates to streamline implementation and continuous update to a distributed cluster.

Cloudify's management and orchestration solution, with complete implementation to AWS services like AWS CodePipeline, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon EKS, and Amazon CloudWatch, as well as the benefit for provisioning workloads and clusters on-premises using AWS Outposts or Amazon EKS anywhere, makes it an ideal alternative for 5G network slicing use cases.

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