Brex announces launch of all-in-one finance dashboard for SMBs


The solution will help SMBs to deal with time consuming tasks and monitoring its finance and control tools across different platforms

Brex- a U.S. based financial services and technology entity has introduced an all-in-one finance system that integrates credit card, spend management, business cash accounts, and bill pay software together on a single dashboard. Notably, through the latest solution, the firm aims at meeting the changing needs of its customers from small and medium sized businesses.

With SMBs constantly dealing with time-consuming tasks such as forecasting expenditure, managing cash flow and with monitoring its finance and control tools spread across various platforms, there was a growing need for a system that helps maintain and manage their finances.

Seemingly, the novel all-in-one finance tool extended by Brex offers business owners with professional-level software that lets them do more and manage their expenditure more effectively. Features comprise of allowing responsible employee spending by providing corporate and vendor cards, while avoiding the need for personal reimbursements or spend reports.

In addition to the above, the firms will also be able to track their expenses across the business in order to compare trends across various departments, merchants, individual employees, and general ledger accounts.  

Small and medium business will also be able to use the spend alerts to streamline the costs and be more strategic regarding the company’s new premium solution. The premium customers can establish and manage their spend policies across the firm so that they can view and manage the spend through request and approval system and automated expense regulations.

Moreover, clients can also schedule and pay their bills faster though the bill pay capabilities present for the Brex Cash customers with the premium subscription.

Reportedly, the all-in-one finance platform and spend management tool by Brex Premium is expected to be present to its customers for USD 49 per month that can be paid through dollars or Brex points.

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