Accenture plans to acquire Cygni to boost Cloud First strategies


Ireland’s leading consulting and processing services conglomerate, Accenture Plc has recently laid down its plans of taking over Cygni Group, a Swedish IT consultancy firm, for an undisclosed transaction amount. Founded in 2006, Cygni seeks to provide technical software development services to vivid industries including utilities and communications.

It has been claimed that once the deal reaches its conclusive, Cygni would be expected to add to the global services of Accenture Cloud First. The company had lately designed Accenture Cloud first at an investment of USD 3 billion.

The service is touted to provide assistance to 70,000 cloud professionals. Moreover, the service was developed to help clients stand strong as ‘cloud-first’ businesses in the fastest and more advanced way possible.

Speaking on the latest deal, Global Lead of Accenture Cloud First service, Karthik Narain cited that having Cygni’s talented and professional team join Accenture Cloud First is anticipated to strengthen the firm’s ability to help clients make use of the cloud and technology innovation to act faster, deliver unique new experiences, and operate sustainability.

He added that the Cygni’s colleagues would bring to Accenture, the key skills to help customers master change in the age of compressed transformation.

On the other hand, Founder and CEO at Cygni, Jon Persson quoted that by joining forces with Accenture, their employees are looking forward to attaining the opportunity to constantly growing even more as an integral part of Accenture Cloud First.

He claimed that solving challenging and huge problems for global and international client base would create even more opportunities for its people to upgrade its skills and experience to all new levels.

Mr. Persson further mentioned that ever since the establishment of Cygni, the team has held a vision of being the best workplace for highly skilled and ambitious software developers. Now, the company is looking forward to unveiling its new growth phase.

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