Chemours launches improvement project to control HFC-23 emissions


The project will focus on the design and installation of a proprietary technology to trap nearly 99% of process emissions of HFC-23 Chemours Company- a leading American chemical firm, has announced the application of an improvement project to considerably reduce emissions of HFC-23 at its Louisville, Kentucky production facility. For the record, the project comprises the design, and installation of proprietary technology to capture nearly 99% of process emissions of HFC-23 from the manufacturing unit. HFC-23 is a novel hydrofluorocarbon that is commercialized for low-volume applications like ultra-low temperature refrigerants for vaccines, semiconductor production, and medical utilization. Once emitted, HFC-23 does not only remain at the ground level instead rises to the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. According to a statement by Sheryl Telford, Chief Sustainability Officer at Chemours, the company operates with an aim to become a responsible producer, which involves committing to safe operations along with constant efforts to reduce environmental footprints. Tim Byrd, Vice President, Operations and Advanced Performance Materials at the Louisville manufacturing unit of Chemours, was reportedly quoted stating that this step will help the site capture nearly 99% of HFC-23 process emissions and help the firm meet its environmental conservation goal. Moreover, the custom production and installation is projected to be completed by 2022. Notably, in the year 2018, Chemours Company declared 10 notable Corporate Responsibility Commitment goals with including a nearly 99% reduction in fluorinated emissions, a 60% cut in the overall greenhouse gas intensity along with other long-term carbon goals. It is worth mentioning that in the year 2019, the company made it to the Newsweek’s list of America’s Most Responsible Companies. Chemours operates with nearly 30 manufacturing facilities serving nearly 3,300 customers across 120 countries. Source Credit: