StoreDot launches ultra-fast electric vehicle charging technology


The battery can be charged within five minutes with the help of its latest technology StoreDot- an Israel-based lithium-ion battery manufacturing startup has reportedly developed an ultra-fast EV battery charging solution that guarantees charging within five minutes. According to Doron Myersdorf, Founder of StoreDot, the novel technology is capable of removing range anxiety linked with electric vehicles. The innovation can eliminate the wide number of hours required to recharge an electric car. Myersdorf further mentioned that the new technology has been developed to showcase how certain components of a lithium-ion battery can be replaced with other materials and get charged within minutes. The startup has replaced the original graphite present in the negative anode of the Li-ion battery with silicon which has helped achieve the desired results. As per a statement, StoreDot is testing many prototypes on different products that deploy Li-ion batteries such as drones, phones, and scooters that require a recharge. After testing with these products, the company has moved on to testing them on electric vehicles. Notably, the processing and reassembling of the batteries are carried out in the laboratory which is equipped with large glass boxes that are sealed to keep the oxygen out. Presently, nearly 100 batteries are being manufactured by the Israeli company each week and are being sent to the companies for use in their products. Incorporated in the year 2012, StoreDot is led by four primary investors including British Petroleum, Daimler, and Samsung. Seemingly, the company is also working on developing the second generation of batteries that will assist in the reduction of cost. The startup claims that the design process of the new batteries is four to five years and there are aiming at speeding up this process. Source Credit: