Alphabet working on a device that offers superhuman hearing abilities


California-based multinational conglomerate, Alphabet has made numerous attempts to develop interesting techs such as fish-tracking cameras and crop-sniffing plant buggy. However, now its X lab is working on a gadget that would give people superhuman hearing abilities. According to reliable sources, the company’s latest project, codenamed Wolverine, is discovering the future of hearing via sensor-packed hardware. Its team members stated that they are presently attempting to figure out the best possible way to isolate voices of people in a jam-packed room or make it simpler to focus on one individual when overlapping discussions are taking place around the person. The team has already recapitulated on the device numerous times, which includes devices that covered the entire ear as well as others that bulged from above the ear. The following iterations have been huge since the team fuses tons of microphones into the build, but the novel versions are much smaller. Several people from hearing technology firms have also joined the team, which includes talent from Eargo and Starkey Hearing Technologies. Sources added that the goal of Wolverine team is aligned to the likes of Whisper, a firm that emerged from stealth last year. The team of Whisper has managed to isolate sounds via a sound separation engine, which simply adjusts to user’s environment. This proposes that Alphabet lab’s objective is to not just create a device everybody would want, but instead offer improved hearing aid. The team of Alphabet is not centered on just one device or single use case. The team is in fact working towards building a very successful business with numerous devices as well as models, so if the project becomes a success, people might possibly start wearing hearing aids from Google. Source credit: