Upland Software buys BlueVenn for $52Mn to boost customer engagement


Texas-based software company, Upland Software has reportedly announced the acquisition of BlueVenn- a prominent cloud-based customer data platform for USD 51.9 million in cash at closing and an additional USD 2.4 million cash holdback which is payable within a year. With the addition of Blue Venn, Upland customers will be able to unify their clients data, unlocking insights that are needed to develop an omnichannel digital engagement strategy to grow their business, from a single vendor. Jack McDonald, Chairman and CEO of Upland, was reportedly quoted stating that the purchase of BlueVenn is an integral step taken by the company to enhance its customer experience. The centralization of customer data has become extremely difficult as digital consumers use different digital channels like e-mails, mobile apps, websites, and texts to interact with products, brands and services. Presently, BlueVenn offers its global customers such as Subaru UK, The American Automation Association, and Gannett, among many the ability to access their online and offline client data sources from stored to mobiles in a centralized location. In addition to the above, the unified view provides unique insights into the buying behavior and makes them actionable, allowing the companies to improve their omnichannel marketing camping performance. Additionally, Blue Venn provides consumer information in a secured manner and as per regulations like CCPA and GDPR. Notably, through a unified consumer database of Upland’s CXM solutions, its customers will be able to reach clients exactly where they are, boosting conversions and engagements through SMS, e-mails, mobile applications, or website. In the last seven years, both Upland and BlueVenn have developed a successful partnership combining technologies to offer value to their clients. It is worth mentioning that in the financial year ending March 31,2021, Upload expects to raise total revenue worth between USD 71.5 million and USD 75.5 million. Source Credit: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210302005743/en/Upland-Software-Acquires-BlueVenn