Microsoft launches industry-centric cloud solutions to drive digital innovation


American multinational technology giant- Microsoft has unveiled three new industry-oriented cloud -solutions specifically designed for Azure in the form of Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, Microsoft cloud for Finance, and for Nonprofit in a bid to help businesses develop innovative solutions under their digital transformation efforts. For the record, the technology company has developed its industry clouds by integrating common data models, workflows, cross-cloud connectors, industry-specific components, APIs, and standards along with its cloud-based services that comprise Microsoft 365, Azure, Teams, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and security services. Notably, through the latest offering of industry clouds, Microsoft is focusing on empowering the organizations to provide value faster, adapt to the changing conditions, and develop for the future through security at the core. The company’s industry clouds offer an on-ramp to its wide portfolio of cloud services and allow clients to begin with the areas where technology transformation is most required. Seemingly, the novel Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services integrates the firm’s solutions, APIs, unique templates, and industry-focused standards combined with multi-layer security and compliance coverage. By using this offering, retail banks will be able to develop a 360-degree view of their clients, embed digital collaboration into their workflows, and improve their insights to minimize incidences of fraudulency. Along similar lines, the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing offering will allow manufacturers to move data-driven automation and use machine learning, IoT, and artificial intelligence. By adopting the company’s end-to-end manufacturing system, companies will be able to become more resilient by connecting people, workflows, assets, and business processes. On the other hand, Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit builds a connecsted, intelligent system to empower volunteers and staff to lay their focus on the work which is most important. The new industry cloud will be available for public by end of June 2021. Source Credit: