Amazon India, Mahindra Electric join forces for EV delivery fleet


Amazon India- a leading e-commerce platform has reportedly entered into a partnership with the electric vehicle arm of India’s prominent automobile giant- Mahindra to support the latter’s efforts towards mobility across the nation. For the record, the Amazon is nearing plans to deploy 10,000 units of Mahindra’s electric three-wheeler called the Treo Zor that carries a power of 8 kW and a payload of 550 kg in India by 2025. As of yet, nearly a hundred of them have been pressed into service in seven cities across the country such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and New Delhi. Seemingly, these 10,000 automobile units are above the e-commerce platform’s global commitment of 100,000 EVs to deliver the fleet by 2030 which was announced during the Climate Pledge in the year 2019. In a statement, Amazon India said that the partnership with Mahindra Electric marks an integral step towards the nation’s progress in the e-mobility sector to meet environmental sustainability goals. According to Akhil Saxena, VP, Customer Fulfillment Operations, APAC, LATAM and MENA, Amazon, the company is aiming at developing a robust supply chain which will reduce the environmental impact of the operations. The expansion of Amazon’s electric vehicle fleet to 10,000 automobiles by 2025 is a milestone in the firm’s commitment towards becoming a sustainability leader in the sector. Mr. Saxena added that the company is working with various OEMs to develop a fleet of ‘Made in India’ electric vehicles that guarantee safe and sustainable delivery of the units. It is worth mentioning that considerable progress in the e-mobility industry of India over the last couple of years has led technological advancements, and the development of updated motor and battery components. In addition to the above, the governments goal to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles by way of launching campaigns like Go Electric, along with the establishment of a strong EV charging infrastructure with the introduction of FAME 2 policy has helped the company accelerate and plan its vision for EVs in India. Source Credit: