XPOP announces its global launch; aims to interconnect K-POP artists


The entertainment market worldwide is thriving at an unprecedented pace lately. And contributing to this robust growth is the XPOP’s recent announcement of going global with its launch. The blockchain-based digital entertainment platform- XPOP is a convenient yet innovative entertainment place wherein the creatives like video producers and music, filmmakers, webtoon artists, scenario writer and their industrial players, and animation players meet together mutually. The platform also enables these creatives to communicate in the same network where XPOP Project crew recently built a new type of business with blockchain technology in the field of entertainment and its content business. It has been speculated that the XPOP Project is seeking to support a global service to get various K-POP artists interconnected with their growth by themselves on the newly launched platform. Speaking in terms of the technical perspectives, the Project has been designed with XPOP’s proprietary XDP protocol which supports a trust-free interchain based on Polkadot technology. Reports have it that through its rapid block processing, the XPOP Project would be fully functional with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) mechanism that promises ownership of digital content constituting webtoon, music, video, games, digital art, and so on. Commenting on the launch, the CEO of XPOP- Joshua cited that blockchain technology has the ability to much innovative digital service in the entertainment domain, and XPOP in this regard is preparing to build a blockchain service that enables artists to lead engagement with more fans. He added that the XPOP environment can greatly help new artists expand into the global stars, and the company is anticipated to emerge as a global entertainment platform with more than 1 million users by the end of 2022. Industry experts have claimed that the XPOP Platform can come out strong as a leading NFT utilizer while the digital content market expands rapidly in the NFT age. It has been reported that the team would make use of the excellent references that helped them design an NFT platform for securing a prominent position in the global market: webtoon, music, games, and others previously. Source Credit: http://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/02/16/2176355/0/en/XPOP-Blockchain-Based-Entertainment-Project-Spurs-Its-Global-Service.html