Loire. A free haircut for students at the 6e Sens Salon in Saint-Chamond


Giovanni Rizzelli, the hairdresser, owner of the salon Océane Coiffure in Rive-de-Gier, and 6e Sens in Saint-Chamond, are always at the forefront of action and innovation with his legendary friendliness and unusual humor.

After posing lightly clad in a simple kettle apron and his buttocks in the air last November, 'even if it means being exposed by the government and Covid, I prefer to do it myself,' the hairdresser speaks his heart again.

“From Monday my living room will be open every morning to welcome students in difficulty and offer them a free cup on presentation of their student and club ID. ''

A gesture of solidarity that shouldnt surprise anyone who knows the character. “I was very touched by a report about young students who were forced to go out to dinner. I then decided to make a gesture in their direction at my level to help and support them during this time of the health crisis. ''