Ain. Line and Kévin cooked 100 meals for the poorest


The health crisis affects everyone, even the most beautiful companies are not spared, and many tools have been used to mitigate the economic consequences.

The Bourg Basin Agglomeration Community (CA3B) set up a huge operation with the most deprived by asking restaurant chefs to prepare a meal that was offered to 1,063 people.

Aubergine responded to that call and on Friday morning January 29th, 100 meals were picked up by a CA3B team which will be distributed over the weekend.

Support for local restaurants and producers too

This action touched Line and Kevin, the owners of LAubergine, deeply. 'Its a support for our establishment that we just revealed when detention was introduced,' they say. Since we did not have a sales reference to claim the various grants, we were not eligible for anything while this work-based support is perceived and very rewarding. It supports restaurateurs, but also local producers: poultry and snails. We prepared these 100 meals with exactly the same joy as if we had had customers in the restaurant. ''

Regarding the health crisis, managers reiterate: “We need to remain confident and the implementation of take-away meals is comforting; Objectively we were able to make ourselves known (differently) and we can hardly wait to see the customers at the table: Today the main menu of the veal delighted 75 people, and there is something positive here. ''