the textile company Devernois received


The company Devernois, headquartered in Coteau, was received on Wednesday, February 3rd, as well as its sales subsidiary Sofrade SAS. It manages more than 80 stores in France and Europe and the brand is represented in more than 300 multi-brand outlets. Devernois received financial support to make up for the lack of cash during his first detention and suffered the full burden of the new restrictive measures of the fall. The second restriction, the curfew and the shift in balances, caused 'an additional loss of cash in the order of two million euros,' according to a press release.

A six month observation period

As a reminder, Devernois embarked on a restructuring plan in 2018, the positive effects of which were felt in the second half of 2019. The company, which specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of accessories and womens clothing, even saw a return to profitability at the beginning of 2020. Like some of her colleagues from Roannais, she had also started making fabric masks last spring.

The decision by Devernois and Sofrade to apply for judicial restructuring proceedings to be initiated was positively evaluated by the employee representatives. A six-month observation period is used 'so that the group can adapt to the economic situation in which it finds itself'. Contacted leader Thierry Brun ensures that this decision doesnt mean the end of the story.