The clavelinage rewards the best yellow wines


Its a breakthrough for yellow wine in an unprecedented form taking place this year due to the health crisis associated with Covid-19. No tasting in the Cramans cellars where they should be held, no entertainment to ensure barrier gestures are respected.

54 samples were tasty

Despite everything, the winemakers have held a few meetings, which traditionally take place on the first weekend in February. Days on which the new vintage will be drilled, 2014 in this case for this year.

The auction of old bottles in the Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans will take place on March 13th. And on this Friday, February 5th, the Clavelinage took place, the competition of yellow wines that traditionally marks the start of the great Jura Vineyard Festival.

The latter took place in the Jura Chamber of Agriculture in Lons-le-Saunier. A total of 54 samples from the Jura stands were tasted by around fifty jurors.

'You had to pay attention to yellow wines from the 2010 to 2014 vintages,' explains Cédric Joly, who is responsible for organizing the clavelinage. Only two thirds of them can be forgiven. '

'A demanding competition'

At the various tables, which were well distributed in order to ensure compliance with barrier gestures, the judges had to pay particular attention to the nose, the dress and the typicality of the yellow wines in the competition. A grade of twenty is given.

'Its a tough competition,' they say. We put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer. You need strength, finesse, elegance. It all matters. Every bottle must have the characteristics of yellow wine, acidity, length in the mouth ... And yes, even after the sixth or seventh sample we can still feel the differences. Sometimes some stand out clearly ”.

2014 was one of the last years of the last decade, the climate was rather calm. No drought like last year, rainy spring or frost like in 2017 and 2019.

'2014, a good vintage'

'It wasnt a particularly early year,' recalls Cédric Joly. At the beginning of June it benefited from good sunshine and good development conditions. The vine has not suffered ”.

“This makes for a fairly rich vintage, fairly well structured and relatively balanced with good acidity, but not pronounced. That makes it a good vintage. '


The 17 Clavelin wines


Domaine Maire et fils 2014, Arbois wine producer 2014.

Jurassic Coast

Domaine Grand 2012, 2013 and 2014, Château Grea 2014, Arbois Fruit Farm 2014, Winery 2014, Michel Tissot et fils 2014, Xavier Reverchon 2011 and Rolet Estate 2011, Baud Estate 2014.


Domaine Berthet Bondet 2013, Domaine de Savagny 2014, Domaine Frédéric Lambert 2011, Domaine Grand 2014 and Domaine Maire et fils 2013.